TrumpSC Just Chatting ·
00:00 Big rock hill
00:27 PogU
00:35 choose wisely... discover coming back Pog
00:36 I feel teased
00:38 The lich king is back PogChamp PogChamp
00:39 NAXX OUT Pog
00:42 evo19Shill
00:44 bogaLeak bogaLeak bogaLeak
00:48 when was this released?
00:56 naxx ramas and the frozen throne combined?
01:12 It's on YouTube lul
01:17 I feel adequately teased
01:18 PogU whoaaa
01:20 wow I feel very special
01:24 Feeling special Kappa
01:28 I WAS HERE PogU
01:36 trump treats us right
01:39 hi trump how you doing today
01:42 it could've been a private video tbh chat OpieOP
01:44 You treat us so nice
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