Pestily Escape From Tarkov ·
00:00 its not a netherlands thing, its very common in germany and austria too and so on..
00:00 Ah, the good old Flachspüler.
00:00 why ???
00:00 IMAGINE The stains!!!
00:01 smile from the toillet
00:01 that's what she said @Pestily
00:02 tqrkov looks shit todqy.............
00:02 you can smell your shit!!!
00:02 DansGame WTF
00:03 Poop knife!
00:03 @Pestily we have those in estonia aswell
00:03 skid marks galore
00:04 Just a regular toilet
00:04 Skid city
00:04 Thats got to be aBITCH to clean
00:04 Bet it smells a lot more
00:05 does it not stink?
00:05 Golden shower toilet jeez
00:06 that must stink
00:06 imagine the person just clicking on the stream now expecting raids...and toilets
00:07 so u would get a hell alot of Skiddies
00:07 USA takes thicc dumps. We need a giant hole with hotel suction
00:07 save on water as well
00:08 But the water masks the smell....
00:08 backfire
00:09 no posseidons kiss ever :(
00:10 stink shit stinky shit
00:10 its normal KEKW
00:11 airplane toilet
00:11 NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
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00:12 Stanky
00:13 I would splatter that thing so bad
00:13 What if you have the shits
00:13 Pestily no splash back? lol
00:13 Came for the Tarkov. Staying for the toilet learning!
00:15 BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail good morning i'm from brazil and here domes a lot your fans BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail
00:15 my poo would stay back into my ass
00:15 Looks like a RARinf dream
00:15 and what if you have liquid squirts...the backsplash would be awful
00:15 @Pestily No splash aswell, I legit can't poop properly out of the netherlands XD
00:16 weird flex
00:16 You can inspect your poop - it's great!
00:16 Must smell great
00:17 it's gotta smell so bad...
00:17 backwards toilets
00:17 ppl in this country think they shit dont stink
00:17 What if your turd is over 15cm longs?
00:17 Is there twice as much shit stains
00:17 is their asshole in the front?
00:17 @pestily are you a user of a poop knife??
00:19 your shit is like a beached whale DansGame
00:19 but if you do a big pooo it piles up too high
00:19 ohhhhh
00:19 on my
00:20 how the hell do you teach a toddler to hit that small of a hole
00:20 seems ass backwards literally
00:21 Doesn't it stain tho
00:21 Stains D:
00:21 @Pestily do you have a squatty potty though?
00:21 so it always floats?!
00:22 but why tho
00:22 wtf is that ahahah
00:22 so water doesnt splash your bum
00:23 Lmao
00:23 my poops ae 1 inch in diameter
00:24 what if you shit such a long log so it reaches the bottom but your not done?
00:25 my poop would always touch my fucking butt @Pestily
00:25 KEKW
00:25 first time ive seen that
00:27 so if you have the runs or it sprays, you've got a huge mess to clean up
00:27 Its good until you did the Holy shit. When it is hitting your Ass
00:28 broooooooooo
00:28 KEKW
00:28 yes
00:28 "Netherlands: 8 ways to "go Dutch"
00:28 what is happening to this stream, i go away for 2 minutes and we have toilet bowls everywhere....WTF?
00:28 wow i hate that, what happens to your coffee sushi diarrhea it just splashes on your cheeks?
00:29 LOL
00:29 splash central!
00:29 KEKW
00:29 lol
00:29 monkaSpeed
00:29 Nah Pest this ain't alright
00:29 KEKW
00:30 @pestily thanks for the kind words on my surgery bro I really appreciate it coming from you! you're an absolute legend bro keep up what you're doing
00:30 @Pestily i had the stream muted and this showed up on monitor #2
00:30 oh ffs
00:30 KEKW
00:30 KEKW
00:30 KEKW
00:31 LUL
00:31 yeah but what about pissing in it... splashing everywhere!!! :D :D :D
00:31 pepeP
00:31 Reverse kangas surely
00:31 xD
00:31 LUL
00:31 has the added benefit of no splash up
00:31 Hahahahaha
00:32 ahahahahhaha
00:32 Happy Fucking Day Pesty
00:32 PogU
00:32 Pog
00:32 KEKW
00:32 KEKW
00:32 LULW
00:32 nah bro wtf this aint right
00:32 KEKW
00:32 asian toilet are best with a shower on the side
00:33 impressive
00:33 kekw
00:33 @pestily, the type is called a "vlakspoel" toilet
00:33 KEKW
00:33 KEKW
00:34 wtf
00:34 Do a 180° and sit like a chad @Pestily
00:34 Pog
00:34 mate hahahahhahaa
00:34 STOP
00:34 STAAAAhp
00:34 KEKW
00:34 I love you
00:34 KEKW
00:35 KEKW
00:35 Pog
00:35 KEKW
00:35 can we please move on wtf
00:36 All turds over 2lbs must be lowered by hand
00:36 KEKW
00:36 omg
00:36 LUL
00:37 KEKW
00:37 monkaGIGA
00:37 what is happening right now hahahaha
00:37 TALENT
00:37 Kek
00:37 plus your dont get splashed
00:37 yuk
00:38 KEKW
00:38 respect
00:38 @Chat go google the worlda longest POO
00:38 gachiW
00:38 Clap
00:38 KEKW
00:39 no splashback on the sphincter hole @Pestily
00:39 *spits coffee out*
00:39 Am i dreaming?
00:40 comes back from the fridge
00:41 the man is a legend
00:42 Absolutly Fucked
00:42 doesent it mark the bowl
00:42 Escape From Europe
00:42 KEKW
00:43 PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
00:43 im hungry
00:43 alpha shitter
00:43 i've had 2 foot shit
00:43 Can we just play the game now lol
00:44 @Pestily looks like the toilet is smiling at you, welcoming the poo its about to receive
00:45 yo wtf KEKW
00:45 Np Splash damage!! xD
00:45 Nice
00:45 TMI!!!! TMI!!!!
00:45 @Pestily Mr Whippy the poo?
00:46 fuckin legend
00:46 fiber god
00:46 @Pestily what do you think about AA and D batteries to be used to power laser sights, tac flashlights etc?
00:47 POG
00:47 hi YouTube
00:47 YEP Clap
00:48 CLIP IT
00:48 is this so u can examine it?
00:48 a man of high fiber i see @Pestily
00:49 a mighty joe turd
00:49 quality content
00:49 anaconda shit
00:49 wtf did i just come back to LUL LUL LUL
00:49 @Pestily have u been talking about poo for 40 minutes?
00:49 pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk pestilyLurk
00:49 who needs tarkov
00:50 definite brag
00:50 Nice.
00:50 Bucket list ceck off there ???
00:51 best flex
00:51 i just spit my coffee out. thanks for that hahaha @Pestily
00:51 now your wife should msg you, we might start questioning the food you get @Pestily
00:51 That should be on your CV @Pestily
00:51 i'd just try to get hole in 1's the whole time
00:51 TOS DansGame
00:51 That is called Talent KEKW
00:51 what is this content, please make it to a highlight video!
00:51 Jesus
00:52 @Pestily not 2-time champion for nothing!!
00:52 shit stains everywhere on that thing
00:52 That toilet was made to use in reverse
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00:53 YEP POOP
00:53 long way in toillet for the water
00:53 I'm dying here, stop it @Pestily
00:53 Chad poo
00:53 sees a fucking potty and talking aboot shit
00:54 i just got here... what's going on?
00:54 Out here talking about poop instead of EFT
00:55 5.1k listening to a dude talk about toilets for 10 mins
00:55 bloody poop on the left?
00:55 where is your wife man
00:55 No splash it’s awesome pestilyGasm
00:55 Dont eat tacvobell if you have one of those...
00:55 this is an very shitty conversation
00:56 one of the poos that breaks off before its all the way out i know what you mean lol
00:56 this is entretainment
00:56 nearly choked on my coffee....
00:56 Shistiley
00:56 @pestily also no backsplash when shitting
00:57 Welcome to Poo Talk, I'm your host @Pestily
00:57 Any messages from the wife yet? LUL
00:58 what is antons chat doing with our chat?!
00:58 hardcore poo addtions
00:59 @Pestily No splash aswell men
00:59 what did i just come in on @Pestily
00:59 Nice Rock Bro
01:00 Pest needs a poop knife
01:00 @Pestily Look up turkish toilet
01:01 that's enough for me for now bruh
01:02 confirmed! pestily not human 😱😱😱
01:03 Show Toilette ???????
01:04 Poostily
01:04 Twitch presents: first inaugural poop discussion stream
01:04 thats not just in holand, its in whole eaurope but thats the old toilet. you dont see this much now days
01:05 WTF IS THIS SHIT DansGame
01:05 we need a pestily inspection plate at the bottom of the stairs.
01:07 @Pestily Look at the UK toilet, thats the real stuff
01:07 What does this toilet help with?
01:08 what is the perk of it?
01:09 no splas back
01:12 pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW pestilyKEKW
01:13 japanese toilet, best toilets!
01:13 just jet launch shit out the side of your hosue KEKW
01:13 @pestily thanks for the kind words on my surgery bro I really appreciate it coming from you! you're an absolute legend bro keep up what you're doing
01:14 @Chat go google the worlds longest human POO
01:15 today I learn't the Dutch are crazy HahaBall
01:15 I’m glad I sparked this conversation about poop
01:16 God this conversation smoketvL
01:17 wtf is that @Pestily mod spread?????? i can't tell if i just caught you cheating or youre recieving dirty pics from your mods.... Cheer100
01:18 Is this what hardcore streams are like?
01:19 shit in a bucket then throw it in there
01:19 A part of the poop experience is the shit water splashing on the bottom of your cheeks
01:19 @Pestily Eddie Murphy's RAW: "Don't you just hate it; you're taking a shit and the water splashes up on yo ass"
01:19 Are you a regular biddet user now?
01:19 what shit content Kappa
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