defekt Escape From Tarkov ·
00:12 You just can't fucking see otherwise, Wyatt.
00:23 NOT ME
00:23 NOT ME
00:24 NOT ME
00:32 L L L
00:33 Lul
00:33 ok KEKW
00:34 I know Tarkov is supposed to be atmospheric and hardcore, but that's the worst way around it. It's just not fun to die all the time because you can't see.
00:36 LUL
00:36 2nd wyatt
00:39 dumb question: is it looked down upon to use postfx or nvidia filters?
00:41 WyattThaGod defkLove
00:43 Love ya man
00:46 Wyatt on an alt WeirdChamp
00:50 and chat defkLove defkLove
00:51 @ScillaKilla By some people. Question is, do you care?
01:06 Many big time streamers use it. Worrun cranked that shit up as soon as it came online, for instance.
01:07 WyattThaGod who is older. one of us can be the dad
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