TrumpSC Hearthstone ·
00:03 I really feel demons could use a buff
00:13 you're not dumb if you realise. And it's not a true mistake if you learn from it
00:28 Just win PogChamp
00:28 4Head
00:30 5Head
00:30 ???
00:34 PogChamp
00:38 200 iq
00:39 5head!
00:41 EZ
00:44 5Head
00:45 yes 4Head
00:45 200iq
00:46 @trumpsc my boy just learnt tempo!
00:47 i don't understand
00:50 1000 iq
00:52 5head!
00:53 @TrumpSC your shirt, EXPLAIN. It looks very cool
00:57 ohhh i see ur point
00:58 its about the cats we created along the way
00:58 I'm still lost
00:59 groundbreaking
01:01 facepalm
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