SimCopter1 Command & Conquer Remastered Collection ยท
00:19 Incoming Ad
00:26 wat
00:27 LUL
00:29 hahaha
00:30 also there lucky as f..., because for some tapes there found there are just 2 professional players in the hole usa
00:31 LUL
00:31 Lol
00:32 lol
00:32 manscape.
00:33 LUL
00:33 AYAYA
00:34 LUL
00:34 LOL
00:36 lol
00:37 lol
00:42 Manscaped ad of all ads.
00:43 hint hint*
00:43 brb guys
00:43 Manscape Lawnmower 3.0 danKEK
00:45 Props to who ever thought ahead to try and preserve these
00:45 what are you watching SIM that makes that a good ad for you
00:48 gotta manscape.
00:48 :O
00:49 bro LUL
00:50 manscape like shemp simAYAYA
00:50 What have you been shoping for?
00:50 Gold.
00:52 ;)
00:57 youtube is watching your stream... you need to get manscaped
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