DansGaming Parkasaurus ·
00:09 danCute
00:09 where's the beef danFat
00:10 danAww
00:14 dinosaurs in space? danA
00:15 They don't need it danEvil They just want it.
00:17 It's fine ... everything is fine ...
00:17 danAww
00:17 rut roh raggy
00:22 danH woo
00:24 yeahhh Pog
00:24 Breaking the fence danHeh
00:27 oh oh danBlank
00:29 oh danS
00:30 LUL
00:31 monkaS
00:32 It's testing the defenses... CLEVER GIRL
00:35 Get the humans POGGERS Go dinos danP
00:41 humans danS
00:42 danH wooo Yeaaa
00:43 stay cool everyone, it's under control danCreep_SG
00:48 Maybe dinos will come back when humans are gone POGGERS
00:48 danA friend
00:48 Lean your children over for a closer look danEvil
00:48 ugh oh they are going to destroy that fence
00:55 monkaS clever guuuurl
00:58 chicken wire fence to keep raptors in ..
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