defekt DayZ ·
00:01 it looks like you have a purpose right now
00:01 I ran into Jenny earlier and she was talking about Bill... She is still scarred
00:03 antonnLurk
00:20 defkPeeper @MisterWolff
00:24 KEKW
00:25 after i got popped with you there was like a 8 man group at topolin
00:27 LULW
00:30 KEKW
00:32 LUL
00:33 KEKW
00:37 antonnPeeper @Shifty0x88
00:40 KEKW POW! Right in the kisser!
00:41 when he said 'you know what's going down' in my mind I played street fighter music
00:59 defkHi @MisterWolff defkLove
00:59 Going well so far
01:05 this is fine...
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