DrLupo Escape From Tarkov ·
00:01 nah his jeep is fine.
00:02 @k2vsate YES there a sqaud stream going right now
00:03 ITS OKAY D:
00:03 "Right Side" sumG
00:06 WE ASKED
00:09 wait....really?
00:09 torque soecs bud
00:09 I think this is all Fake News
00:10 LUL
00:13 has pre-wipe event started!? 😯😯😯
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00:14 Jeep is fine
00:15 he said its not broken
00:16 lmao
00:18 But do they all have snacks and backpacks? Lol
00:18 TIm said jeep is fine
00:19 solid ass car lupo
00:19 damnn streamer car
00:20 PogChamp
00:21 UwU tesla
00:21 He overtourqued the supercharger
00:21 Tesla gachiBASS
00:23 moon2M TESLAAAAAA
00:23 BIG flex LULW
00:23 LAME
00:23 !tesla
00:25 i wanna go fast.
00:25 @DrLupo he's jeep is fine... just needs to be torqued again
00:25 KEKW
00:26 KEKW
00:26 KEKW
00:26 KEKW
00:27 @DrLupo Tim said someone saw in his video he had a loose bolt, so he tightened it
00:27 KEKW
00:27 KEKW
00:27 KEKW
00:27 KEKW
00:28 KEKW
00:28 KEKW
00:28 He said he didn’t
00:28 KEKW
00:28 KEKW
00:28 KEKW
00:29 so basically he didnt use the torque wrench correctly or he just didnt use one
00:29 Its fine but Tim's paranoid
00:29 KEKW
00:29 KEKW
00:29 SLOW
00:29 but yours stops after 300 miles and takes long time :)
00:29 KEKW
00:30 Tim = Total screw up POG
00:31 KEKW
00:31 so ... you don't have a car.
00:31 KEKW
00:31 KEKW
00:31 KEKW
00:31 KEKW
00:31 KEKW
00:32 Tim just waved his hand at chat and said "the jeeps not broken its fine. Someone saw the video and noticed that there was a loose bolt and I tightened it. "
00:32 KEKW
00:32 KEKW
00:32 KEKW
00:32 Pog
00:32 KEKW
00:33 its super not a big deal he broke his supercharger not the whole jeep
00:33 KEKW
00:33 KEKW
00:33 KEKW
00:33 KEKW
00:33 oNLY 133K base price.
00:33 KEKW
00:34 kekw
00:34 I have a Subaru Legacy....
00:34 KEKW
00:34 flex much lol
00:34 Idiots car
00:34 So wait wait wait wait....peeps think you should keep LOOSE BOLTS in an engine....LOL internet you won again
00:35 K E K W
00:35 KEKW
00:35 KEKW
00:35 kekw
00:36 KEKW
00:36 i thought you had the Model X?
00:36 TIM KEKW
00:36 KEKW
00:36 @DrLupo Should we call tim on stream?
00:36 Jeeps not broke @Lupo
00:36 reader all the place where
00:37 KEKW
00:37 KEKW
00:37 The know it alls in chat say it’s fine
00:37 dont know what kekw means
00:37 KEKW
00:37 he's a bit crazy
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00:38 He didn't know what a torque wrench
00:40 WHAT "BOLTS?"
00:40 KEKW
00:41 KEKW
00:41 @ElonMusk sponsor my mans
00:42 KEKW
00:42 Tim didn't use a torque wrench on a cover plate - the book says 7lbs on the bolt, they just turned it until it was tight...
00:42 Flexin Kekw
00:42 running scav is ridiculous good right now
00:43 KEKW
00:43 just a little??? KEKW
00:43 its not broke @DrLupo there was a loose torq bolt and he went a head and tightened them all. Not horrible
00:43 KEKW
00:44 uh elon musk isnt crazy..
00:44 KEKW
00:45 kekw
00:45 KEKW
00:46 @DrLupo A little ???????
00:46 Tesla Kekw
00:47 Elon Musk is crazy in a great way!!!
00:48 Papa Elon is nuts
00:49 KEKW
00:49 KEKW
00:49 KEKW
00:49 KEKW
00:50 Don't bash my boi Elon
00:51 @DrLupo would you consider a Model X?
00:51 KEKW
00:52 thickKEKB
00:53 @DrLupo wjhats the name of the keyboard?
00:54 You have a nice booty sir!
00:55 stuff..
00:56 Wipes got a commend from a dude that said on of the bolts on the engin block was lose. So he tightend them all. Appaerently thats not a good idea KEKW
00:56 Kekw
00:57 all of us who like tesla wish Elon was less crazy
00:59 Elon is based now. Red pilled as all hell
00:59 KEKW
01:02 Kakw
01:03 Is it pre wipe rn.???
01:03 Kekw
01:04 Elon Musk may be a little crazy but his company will be the first to put a human into space tomorrow @DrLupo
01:05 LUL
01:05 KEKW
01:07 snow on your driveway
01:07 it's good for snow removal
01:07 KEKW
01:08 EarthDay KEKW
01:09 I have one of the flamethrowers
01:09 KEKW
01:09 KEKW
01:10 Kekw
01:12 Weed control
01:12 weed burning
01:13 KEKW
01:14 What’s kekw lol
01:14 Tim is so dumb dont tighten stuff that your not suppose to be tighten !!
01:16 model x p100 d lup?
01:17 Can i be your wife
01:17 I use flamethrowers to burn weeds!
01:17 Anyone that needed one realized you can buy the same thing at a farm equipment store .. but still fun
01:20 @DrLupo so its your wifes car?
01:21 he has seemed to simmer down havent seen a minecraft is sext tweet in a bit
01:22 @afonseca316 dont do that
01:22 burn me 420
01:23 spider = reason to buy flamethrower
01:23 how is the man that owns the majority of the company seperate from it... thats some mental gymnastics brah
01:24 2 teslas???? flexxxxxx
01:24 Model X is sick. i love those
01:24 EarthDay KEKW
01:25 if my girl wanted a flame thrower i would tell her to buy 2 and put a ring on her!
01:25 it all marketing, my grandma would...
01:26 taking care of weeds.... that is what a flame thrower is for
01:26 model x is my fav tesla
01:26 Whew, raiders on factory is intense.
01:28 spiders require flamethrowers also clearing your driveway
01:28 KEKW For tim thinking he a mechanic
01:31 are there any tesla superchargers in nebraska?
01:31 lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoDAB lupoDAB lupoDAB lupoDAB
01:32 lupoLIT lupoLIT lupoLIT
01:33 toasting a ton of marshmallows at once. that's why you need one
01:34 so chat how long does this mean we have until wipe. this is my first event
01:34 I have a need for a flamethrower, those damn kids won't get off my lawn
01:36 i have a friend that has a company that makes and sells flamethrowers that shoot flames 120 ft... @DrLupo
01:36 Yeah well i went to mcdonalds WITHOUT checking my bank account first
01:39 lupoLURK lupoLURK lupoLURK lupoLURK
01:41 weed Burning?
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