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00:05 @DansGaming use crowns pls, they're just sitting there danS
00:08 why is this emote so important?
00:12 it wont come out in the ingame store for 6 months
00:14 If you can afford it eso plus is worth it alone for the craft bag
00:16 Are we really getting one emote, or other things as well? danBlank
00:20 @Saxmachine904 Like $300 I believe
00:29 elder black scrolls desert online
00:30 D:
00:31 danS
00:31 D:
00:31 LUL
00:31 danRe
00:32 That's what I'm missing. A good story and not chest gear hunting.
00:32 danS
00:32 LUL
00:33 monkaS
00:33 danNo
00:33 danRe
00:34 LUL WutFace
00:34 WutFace WutFace WutFace
00:34 D:
00:34 lol
00:34 D:
00:34 SwiftRage
00:34 ok danS
00:35 danS
00:35 @FTL_5150 yeah, there is some greed in there too. Seeing so many things in the store it's such a big turn off.
00:35 monkaS
00:36 stop emoting danRE
00:36 Oni_in_training subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak! danBoop
00:37 danLUL
00:37 danKEK
00:37 LUL
00:37 He wants all the things 😡
00:38 danRe BECAUSE CHAT
00:38 danRe
00:38 LUL
00:39 yeah it's on steam you can't buy it for less :(
00:39 Well then pay $50!
00:40 danNANI
00:40 danS
00:41 danHa
00:42 LUL
00:42 danRe
00:42 IT"S IMPORTANT!!! danRe danRe danRe
00:44 @B_Civil They're going to change it so you emerge from a vault and search for your father Kappa
00:44 @DansGaming gonna watch the DEMO 2 launch?
00:45 cause they want 50 lol
00:45 BabyRage
00:46 give us 20 LUL
00:48 Jebaited
00:50 Just*
00:50 danDuck
00:50 danNANI
00:51 kreygS
00:52 danRe
00:53 the emote worth $50 LUL
00:54 ZOS please take his monies danCry
00:55 danRe i need to spend more cash for my deductibles chat
00:55 danDuck
00:56 Dan i saw the future, and i saw that you will get a mount if you buy 4 crown crates danJulia
00:56 you dont have teeeeeen dollaaaaaarrrs?
00:56 STOP EMOTING ON ME!!! danRe
00:56 its my money and i want it now!!!!!!!!
00:56 danS
00:59 LUL
01:00 B_Civil this is why i like witcher, metro and stalker games. you are the one who fought their way up but skill more like someone responding to the things happening than the world respons to the hero
01:01 Space X danO
01:03 D:
01:03 D: wow
01:04 D:
01:04 danD
01:04 danD
01:04 peta D:
01:04 Skyrim looks great PogChamp
01:05 danD
01:06 Pay me $10 and i will emote for you
01:06 D:
01:06 Dapper TeaTime
01:07 :(
01:07 Not the badger danD
01:07 danD PETA
01:07 poor badgers
01:08 it's Dan's money and he needs it now
01:08 @bossasupernova hey works for me danDuck its just the plot still shit OMEGALUL
01:08 If you want to give them your money, just open the atom shop Kappa
01:08 danSad
01:09 badger badger badger
01:10 Just buy the full game, refund the old one, and write it all off as an expense for your job!
01:14 danCry
01:15 Mushroom Mushroom
01:15 just setup another account and buy everything again Kappa
01:16 D:
01:20 you could just go to Cyrodiil and let someone shoot you in the knee Kappa
01:21 @EzI091 I think because they don't have revenue from stock trades is WHY they are so greedy. It's why FO76 was a huge cashgrab/Live Service game... Except it backfired danS
01:22 Just buy it twice Kappa
01:22 All the DLC stories are good but the original story is bleh
01:24 I was a emote collector once, but then I got a arrow in the knee.
01:25 Wait greymoor is out? danP
01:27 never should of come here 4Head
01:27 hello all danLove
01:28 is this game worth subscribing to? can you play it free?
01:32 @DansGaming why do you not play in first person?
01:32 lol they reused the badgers from gold coast. Lazy zos
01:36 @dreadlokkll HeyGuys
01:37 dan is different when he plays TES D:
01:38 @DansGaming you tried running reshade with this? it makes the game look a lot better
01:40 Bethesda hap danCry
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