SimCopter1 Microsoft Flight Simulator ·
00:01 dead center
00:03 MY BACK!!!
00:11 a little high again but it's a long runway. he's got it
00:11 Prepping spoilers... Rosebud was the sled.... Vader is the father...
00:11 simS
00:12 Remember you have that whole runway to use, not just where the boxes tell ya
00:13 simS
00:14 ont be afraid to nose down on final, you can flare at the end
00:14 oh
00:20 THUD
00:20 Touchdown!
00:21 Forgot landing ggear
00:22 limesS
00:23 ?
00:23 OOF
00:25 And I broke my neck
00:25 simGee Nailed it!
00:25 nope
00:26 damn nice!
00:26 Clap
00:27 nice
00:29 nice
00:30 GG
00:30 oof ouch my back
00:30 GG
00:31 baconGG simGee simGee
00:31 simGee
00:32 simGee
00:32 *spills his drank*
00:33 simGee simGee
00:33 hotFlex simAmazing hotFlex2
00:34 We're alive!
00:34 simGee
00:35 if the gear held then it's a good landing
00:35 simGee
00:36 simGee
00:36 simGee simGee simGee
00:39 darioGG
00:40 and thats the landing gear gone.
00:41 simGee
00:46 simGee
00:47 simGee simGee simGee simGee simGee simGee
00:47 Alive is good
00:48 gg
00:53 Did the auto thrusters try to turn on?
00:53 simGee simGee
00:54 yay
00:55 Everyone retained their drink cups
00:56 GG
01:00 Hey Sim can I get a refund for my neck brace and surgery? Kappa simGee
01:01 we made it
01:01 simGee simGee
01:05 a couple people in the back broke their tailbones and some luggage fell from the racks but IT'S A LOW COST CARRIER WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT
01:08 GG, I didn't do shit! U G
01:10 Do we get a sneak at the fuel at the end?
01:22 i hope they add more training scenarios FSX had a bunch for a lot of the planes
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