SimCopter1 Sid Meier's Civilization VI ยท
00:06 Greetings everyone LETS PARTY
00:07 LUL
00:14 I totally forgot sim copter was a game until I saw your name, so thank you. what a classic
00:18 omg grubbles LUL
00:28 !mom
00:32 LUL nice
00:35 LUL
00:38 @thejimmclain that is a huge change oof
00:38 People come from Baby Factories, your mom is the #1 producer
00:41 retroKEKW
00:42 Save that one to use on Zack when he least expects it simPsycho
00:52 it's beautiful LUL
00:54 @excessivelysalty simPsycho
00:59 @coldgirlfever it'll be an adventure. if it wasn't for covid I would be stoked
01:14 Most people get their children from Sears. Buy the kit, and follow the assembly instructions.
01:15 LUL
01:15 LUL
01:18 LUL
01:18 simLOL
01:19 LUL'
01:20 LUL
01:20 retroKEKW
01:20 @coldgirlfever what subject? I teach English and geography
01:21 LUL
01:23 LUL LUL
01:23 Better yet, save that one to say to Hippo Zack, you're mod he won't do anything to you LUL
01:29 D:
01:32 hahahahaha
01:35 That one that sticks in my mind the most was that guy who walked up to you while we were waiting in line for the opening ceremony at TwitchCon a few years back @SimCopter1 LUL
01:36 @thejimmclain i teach history
01:36 bUrself
01:41 bUrself
01:43 embrace it
01:44 he saw right trough you Kappa
01:45 gluBlank
01:49 so many teachers in chat monkaS
01:50 The Bee Movie, starring Sim
01:52 barrNabee
01:56 @thejimmclain how long will you be in ecuador
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