Alliestrasza Hearthstone ·
00:01 Friday?
00:01 Damn. My next guess was the blood of our enemies
00:02 how much would your merch be?
00:02 Perm incoming PogU
00:06 I know impisnot pathraSmart
00:07 PogU
00:09 MOM allieHype
00:13 @Alliestrasza have you ever gotten baked?
00:19 she's getting the Bob Ross perm on friday peepoClap
00:24 peepoClap
00:25 peepoClap
00:25 RebeccaBlack
00:32 Kapp
00:33 lol
00:34 lmao
00:34 lol
00:35 LUL
00:35 CiGrip
00:35 well at least chat won't get blamed this time
00:36 what kind of "cookies"?
00:36 Kapp
00:37 Kapp
00:37 kapp
00:37 LOL
00:38 CiGrip nah this kind of baked
00:39 I bake every day VapeNation
00:40 swipe may be handy because of the enrage
00:41 Did you paint the painting behind you?
00:42 smooth Allie Kapp
00:42 hello allie! @Alliestrasza
00:42 Kappa
00:43 choco chip slaps
00:44 Kappa
00:46 Kapp
00:47 HolidayCookie
00:48 VapeNation my woman
00:51 oh shi maybe i should make some
00:55 allieWholesome
00:56 Kapp
00:57 how much for merch?
00:58 Mmmm... cookies
01:00 And you didn't invite me? D:
01:01 Making edibles FeelsOkayMan
01:15 and Po's BDAY!
01:15 Yet another banger pepeJAM
01:18 Ok, now after that last song all I want to do is play SSX
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