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Deadlyslob Escape from Tarkov ·
00:00 ONE TAPPED....
00:00 through the trees
00:01 spine
00:01 do scavs have compass slots?
00:02 def killed something by spine while you were sniper scav
00:02 100%
00:02 Yeah
00:03 seal clubbin...
00:04 he dead
00:04 he wouldn't die
00:05 You did
00:06 and you did kill a guy
00:06 I think it was a scav
00:06 just passed the rocks looking down to the left
00:07 too much Elon
00:07 whats the benefit of not knowing if it was a player scav or not?
00:07 yes you sniped him
00:07 The one that didn’t go down after 6 shots
00:08 yeah bro
00:09 chat is right
00:09 he wear wearing a blue helmet
00:09 lol
00:11 through the trees
00:11 Pmc at spine 4 sure
00:11 you were on the mountain
00:12 he had a beta backpack
00:12 100% you did
00:12 Do scavs have the compass slot?
00:12 Too much elon
00:12 @doomedbr did they say that? I don't recall hearing that at all. I remember they said scavs will act more like player scavs.
00:12 you were like "is this guy sstill alive?"
00:13 towards water from point of spine
00:14 you did tbf
00:14 you did
00:14 we'll find out at the end
00:15 it happened
00:15 Not enough Elon
00:15 Yall are goofy lmao
00:16 go back
00:16 100%
00:16 from real
00:17 promise 100 %%%%
00:17 The one in the trees?
00:17 the one in the cluster of trees
00:17 jebaited
00:17 he was in the trees between spine and Lumber yard
00:17 Now that’s a player scav
00:17 100%
00:17 can confirm, and i never use chat
00:17 antonnG
00:17 took 6 shots
00:18 show the clip
00:18 reqlly reqlly
00:18 send him a clip
00:20 Beta backpack
00:20 @Deadlyslob it was a scav with the UNTAR helmet, not a PMC.
00:20 Just sitting here reading chat, casually turns and kills a dude.
00:21 Oh yeah you were standing on the mountain he was far left of you and you popped him in some trees haha
00:22 its ok though
00:22 @SalmonSausage I knew they had done some changes because they will run and stuff and are looting boxes but looting kills is pretty sick
00:22 That damn elon.....
00:23 What is in the coffee Kappa
00:24 I like apples
00:24 what are yout thoughts ncstar mpr45 and PK-06 soft removal?
00:25 almost positive that's a scav spawn there by spine. I've been up there a bunch
00:25 eh itll be ok
00:26 you killed 3 up on the mountain, 2 scavs and a pmc
00:26 @Deadlyslob ur high bro
00:27 Go to extract and see
00:27 you said: "ther eis no way he's alive right?
00:28 So they make player scavs spawn into scav areas now - and cut down on the number of AI scavs as a result it seems. So PMC players can't tell the difference...wow
00:28 between spine n lumbermill
00:28 deadly thinking have I lost my mind :D
00:29 fuck it
00:29 hes not here to do what you want
00:30 All scavs. Chat has lost it
00:30 Someone clip it
00:31 dont make us clip it
00:31 you killed 1 guy from up top
00:32 Deadly is losing it LUL
00:32 OMG
00:32 LOL
00:32 deadlyYikes
00:33 lol
00:33 After action report. just watch
00:34 pretty sure the dude on the other side of the mill you shot was a pmc
00:34 Also wear a beret
00:34 LOL
00:35 he definetely did
00:35 Wow deadly looking slim what you been doing
00:36 poor deadlyslob
00:36 KEKW
00:36 Def a scav
00:36 well clip it hold up
00:36 KEKW
00:37 you have to go to the doctors
00:37 make the appointment
00:37 Chat is right
00:37 ending stream early bois
00:37 Looks like you're going to the docs bud LUL
00:39 Bsg got tired of hearing all the bitching about the number of player scavs. So they said fuck it remove it, they’ll never know.
00:39 deadlyChair deadlyChair deadlyChair
00:39 10 gifted if there is a PMC kill KEKW
00:39 you ahve to wear a beret @Deadlyslob
00:40 we dont know if he died but you hit him the leg
00:41 make your appointment!!
00:41 you are wrong chat
00:42 i bet it was a scav
00:42 Better make that appointment
00:43 tell you wife to schedule the visit
00:43 Better call now deadly
00:44 you have to wear a beret if you did
00:45 !wrong
00:45 @SWAGART_tv yeah they pick up dead PMC guns sometimes so you can find a scav with a decked out HK
00:46 @Deadlyslob memory already a thing? LUL
00:46 book n appointment asap
00:46 loot that guy
00:48 you are going to see a doctor for sure
00:48 ffs turn
00:48 if pmc kill wear the beret
00:48 monkaSHAKE stroke
00:49 @GoodStrong they said they would make so you could actually see who was a player scav in the end of raid screen and stuff
00:50 chat remembe the fukin cigarettes from yesterday you thought was a keycard
00:51 You 100% killed a PMC
00:52 doctors cant cure alchimers
00:52 stream ending chat
00:52 The one time chats right KEKW
00:52 you were spamming through trees
00:53 coming out of lurk just to confirm: you elon it
00:53 hahaha
00:53 13 minutes loading just to get 1 tapped
00:53 100% killed a PMC wearing untar
00:53 If there’s a pmc you have to wear a beret
00:53 if there is, free subs for all of chat
00:54 dude, you actually smoked a guy in the trees, took you couple of shots
00:54 Senile Slob
00:55 Doctor will check your Prostate
00:55 the guy that was moving in the trees
00:56 you were about to get down, looked left, guy in a bush, he took a few shots
00:56 haha
00:56 too much weed?
00:57 Df killed a scav, no pmc
00:57 aight chat @Deadlyslob gonna leave for the DR
00:58 lol
00:58 The PMC who ran behind the spruce and you said "wait how is he still alive?"
00:58 @Deadlyslob make your appointment
00:59 vravo chat, now he's gone
00:59 Doktor!
01:00 wow u smoke the gooody
01:00 elon
01:01 PepeLaugh
01:01 chat cannot tell a lie SeemsGood SeemsGood
01:02 If there is a pmc kill you have to wear a beret
01:02 I have no memory of this
01:02 deadlyBlind deadlyLUL
01:03 look like one anyway
01:03 he was walking through the trees and you asked if he was still alive
01:04 It is the age slob
01:05 we bout to find out
01:07 you must e on auto-pilot
01:09 deadlyMusk deadlyMusk deadlyMusk
01:09 He had a black helmet and the usec grey jacket
01:09 get to the er
01:09 @doomedbr oh yeah that would be a good change.
01:10 lol
01:10 seems like an elaborate plan for ending the stream early
01:11 U killed him when you was on the mountain
01:11 antonnRee
01:11 But I've one just discovered you! @Deadlyslob Been watching and learning from your YT vids!
01:13 i mean, cant guarantee he was a PMC so guess well see
01:14 beret time
01:14 100%
01:14 geriatric slob
01:15 I guess stream is over chat
01:15 we did
01:16 Doctor - "you're a quart low.." (takes off glove)
01:16 100%
01:16 nah, scav.
01:17 I LOVE the animation when you check the mag on this gun
01:17 hes going to be shook
01:17 somebody call a doctor
01:18 IF theres a pmc kill you must wear beret
01:18 He was running past thicc trees and you said " HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE" @Deadlyslob
01:19 just killed 4 PMCs and a scav playa on woods
01:20 you were on the mountain and shot at him a few times, then he went through the bush and you finished him off. he was near spin
01:22 Beret
01:24 in front of the shed
01:25 Beret
01:25 Bye
01:26 did we??
01:27 You allready did :D
01:28 PHEW
01:29 wat
01:29 lol
01:30 Heh KEKW
01:30 chat Pepega
01:31 time to get a "chat was wrong" counter
01:31 @chat Pepega
01:31 LUL
01:31 PepeLaugh
01:32 told you boys
01:32 big oof LUL
01:32 Chat probably thinking about previous woods raids
01:33 chat
01:33 towards the plane
01:34 oh what do you know, STFU chat
01:34 KEKW
01:34 omfg
01:34 hahah
01:34 dammmmmm
01:35 get rekt chat
01:35 KEKW
01:35 longest shot @Deadlyslob
01:36 seqKEK
01:36 Hah chat is wrong what a surprise KEKW
01:36 woot, sanity kept for another day
01:36 lmao
01:36 Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited
01:37 chat PepeLaugh
01:37 Just go check
01:37 nope
01:38 wait what
01:38 !Wrong
01:38 it was a scav
01:38 KEKW
01:38 chat retarded
01:38 ban
01:39 fuckin idiots man
01:39 fibbers
01:39 lol
01:40 LUL
01:40 Jebaited
01:40 baited Kappa
01:40 pepega chat
01:40 seqKEK
01:40 Jebaited
01:41 celebrate your sanity
01:41 Player scav KEKW
01:41 we tried to tell you
01:41 WutFace
01:41 @Deadlyslob almost lost ya there
01:41 im out
01:41 Then you can get gear
01:42 he was in offline mode
01:42 Jebaited Jertzukka
01:42 well you killed something over there
01:42 chat trollin HAAAAAAAAARD
01:43 KEKW
01:44 almost got him chat
01:44 lmaoooo
01:44 @Deadlyslob oops
01:44 Pepega 📣 PMC AT SPINE
01:45 shameshame
01:45 If chat is right you wear a beret next raid
01:45 monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE monkaSHAKE
01:45 REEEE
01:45 !song
01:48 That was one juicy scav then
01:48 Chat in a nutshell today = Pepega
01:48 LUL
01:49 LUL
01:49 Oh shit
01:51 weasly little fucking liars
01:51 NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
01:51 Pepega 📣 YOU KILLED A PMC
01:51 A beret wouldn’t lie
01:52 Ban them all!
01:52 Haha
01:52 he got away
01:53 PepeLaugh he was unaware briefly
01:53 100% player scav then
01:54 Jebaited
01:54 gotcha deadlyGoose
01:54 ban chat
01:54 11:58 was the "pmc"
01:55 peebroShame peebroShame peebroShame peebroShame
01:56 @Deadlyslob suffering from success
01:57 LUL
01:57 Were all wrong hahaha
01:58 @Deadlyslob never trust @Chat - you know the drill <3
01:58 chat are scumbags
01:59 That was a chonky Scav then...
01:59 get em out of here!!
02:01 scavs look like PMC nowadays daedly
02:03 A beret maybe
02:03 you shot him in the leg and he dissapeared through the leaves
02:04 Not gonna lie that looked like a pretty geared scav though. Musta been a player scav
02:05 Just a scav wearing a gen4 assault vest
02:05 pack mentality unlucky chat
02:05 deadlyWoo
02:06 catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM catJAM
02:07 @chat did they nerf «star» yet?
02:08 behind the tree and you said he wouldnt die
02:08 we genuinely thought it was a pmc
02:10 how did he know it was a player scav NotLikeThis
02:10 Wear one of them berets
02:11 Pepega chat
02:13 check if it's found in raid
02:18 Thos espy are more and more efficient
02:18 We just wanted to to extract so we could get back to the real entertainment... catJAM
02:18 @Bananaman275 he didnt really NotLikeThis
02:19 Wear beret
02:19 WutFace insurance
02:19 Run it back
02:20 you* were all wrong chat - I immediately said it was the scav with the UNTAR helmet...
02:22 can still be from scav
02:25 you mean, autosort have to manage it Kappa
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