SimCopter1 Sid Meier's Civilization VI ยท
00:03 !arena
00:15 Is this the bumblebee comment?
00:18 !arena
00:27 what did doctors try to do when Marie got Sicky? Marie Curie @simcopter1
00:30 !arena
00:31 hahahahahaha
00:34 never gets old LUL
00:35 D:
00:37 LUL
00:38 oh no LUL
00:39 LUL
00:39 LUL
00:42 hello mr copter
00:43 simS
00:44 @SimCopter1 Do you know about tiles which give defensive bonuses?
00:50 That insult had to be ironic
01:04 LOL
01:04 lmaoooo
01:04 LUL
01:05 haha
01:06 it's NOT fine
01:07 SimDad is not as cool as RealDad. my immersion NotLikeThis
01:07 gottem sim3
01:07 quality product!
01:09 No way thats serious :/
01:10 amazing
01:10 jesus LUL
01:13 LUL
01:13 LUL LUL
01:14 where did i jump in..
01:17 LUL
01:22 that was beatiful
01:24 LUL
01:30 @jdt18 good question
01:38 When you send a harsh insult in EU4
01:39 aloe, is that you?
01:46 @thejimmclain i teach high school ResidentSleeper
01:48 needs some burn cream
01:49 late night streams
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