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00:00 CEOPls
00:04 yes @1337hephaestus
00:08 arent there different types of monopolies
00:09 There is a difference between your monopoly and the monoply apple holds
00:14 monopolies aren't illegal, needs to act harmfully to be illegal
00:20 Spielberg tried to side step VHS and DVD by creating his own machine and lost millions in the early 90's
00:22 a lot of monopoly is about market share
00:24 KEKW
00:24 LUL
00:26 But theres a difference
00:26 KEKW
00:26 MonkaT
00:26 monkaS
00:27 skills, experience and exposure
00:28 Queue Taken
00:28 lol
00:29 LUL
00:29 but Devin does not control the bariers of enttry
00:29 They will need to have a GetNashed equivalent PepeLaugh
00:31 monkaS
00:31 LULW
00:31 monkaS
00:31 LOOOL
00:32 @Joelyno there are several books about shadowrun...it makes for good reading material but when you start thinking about how much of that is already reality you will lose faith in humanity in less than a second
00:32 monkaS
00:32 monkaS
00:32 monkaS
00:33 monkaS
00:34 monopoly just means the only one on the market. how you got there, and how you behave once you get there is what determines if legal action will be taken
00:35 monkaS
00:35 "particular set of skills"
00:35 MonkaT
00:36 monkaW
00:37 Apple does in this case
00:37 monkaS
00:37 pepeLaugh
00:38 monkaS
00:38 particular set of skills LUL
00:38 can you find me? wtf
00:38 lol
00:38 I am happy to be in your monopoly Devin
00:38 ASMR Kreygasm
00:39 monopoly on a niche
00:43 It's a monopoly not through snuffing out competition, is that what you're trying to say?
00:44 starting my agency now EZ
00:45 Ethan Evans will take you on!!!
00:46 SKiLLZ
00:46 it's like being a painter and then having a monopoly over your own style?
00:47 find me? Im already behind you mylB
00:48 monkaEyes
00:52 I'm glad you finished that meme lol
00:54 Why is a monopoly bad? Isn't that what businesses grow to be?
00:58 Kill me
00:58 @catjesusiswatchingyou What faith? mylB
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