Alliestrasza Hearthstone ·
00:07 Allie is the slayer of kings and gods 4Head
00:09 @peterkdc_512 LUL - we need Momstrasza to come in make the plays
00:16 !prime
00:19 really? Pog
00:19 PogU
00:22 I support this channel by viewing time :P
00:23 Prime?
00:23 FOR REAL????
00:23 :O
00:28 5Head
00:30 So my wife gave birth 3 weeks ago, we finally decided on the name Harrison, which my wife didn't realize i agreed to because my first legendary was Harrison Jones.
00:32 NO WAY! D:
00:33 WOW PogU
00:35 mind = blown
00:38 wow
00:38 wow what a good deal
00:39 wow she nearly kept a strait face :PPP
00:39 NO WAY!
00:41 infino300IQ
00:43 EPIC! AllieHandsUp
00:45 LULW thest0neman
00:49 that's great
00:50 revolutionary
00:54 But allie, I love hearing "NOW LETS SMASH THIS NUUB"
01:00 @thest0neman that is honestly so awesome! Congrats!
01:03 Ad free viewing = skipping Raid Shadow Legend stream later? 5Head
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