SimCopter1 Microsoft Flight Simulator ·
00:02 Denver would be cool. Just watch out for the mountains.
00:05 London - Athens?
00:09 New york to Singapore Pog
00:14 Atlanta to Orlando :)
00:17 you should eventually do north korea, that would be fun
00:18 100 percent haha
00:23 Are their Concords in this?
00:27 lmao
00:27 i think everyone is happy with whatever you choose to do
00:28 lUL
00:31 retroKEKW
00:31 LUL *
00:31 But you said your heart was in SFO! DansGame
00:32 etalHurt
00:32 LUL
00:33 Jebaited
00:35 Jebaited
00:36 etalHurt
00:37 Jebaited
00:41 Jebaited
00:41 LUL
00:42 simFeels
00:43 What is the timeframe for a flight compared to real time?
00:46 Jebaited
00:47 Jebaited
00:53 Jebaited
00:58 how many airports are available?
00:59 LUL
01:05 can we sea plane from Vancouver to Victoria?
01:07 Oh damn!!
01:14 hey sim, how you enjoying the new flight sim?
01:16 @hoosierhales 37...thousand
01:16 Are their Concords in this?
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