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00:04 monkaS
00:14 banana for scale
00:22 Just yeet em into our athmosphere
00:24 we could just mine Earth until it's screwed then move on
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00:29 WutFace
00:31 D:
00:32 D:
00:32 RIP that bird
00:32 just print the fuel LULW
00:33 JESUS
00:34 Mass Driver into the planet
00:35 Poor bird
00:35 D:
00:36 F
00:36 That birds
00:36 D:
00:36 LUL
00:38 D:
00:40 D:
00:44 D:
00:45 D:
00:46 Why not setup up a small train like system. Don't move the asteroid just the material. Its safer
00:52 making things to send the things made out of said things Pog
01:01 yay yet another human idea/invention that can lead to our complete destruction!
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