TrumpSC Hearthstone ·
00:06 baron or bran to soak hits
00:08 APM Kappa
00:22 maexxna really good here
00:24 Rope LUL
00:27 NotLikeThis
00:28 Join Trump's subs server on Discord by connecting your Twitch account! How to: imgur.com/a/loScS
00:29 LUL
00:32 KEKW
00:33 ffs this APM makes me aggressive
00:34 LOL i knew it
00:34 NotLikeThis
00:35 KEKW
00:35 omfg
00:36 KEKW
00:36 Sad
00:37 OMG
00:39 TRUMP
00:39 didn't matter
00:39 boomer apm
00:41 Perfect Kappa
00:42 lol oops
00:42 hahaha roped again
00:43 APM GOD
00:44 BOOMER
00:52 6 unit andy LUL
00:54 why do you do this
00:54 throoows
00:55 Maaaan dude again
00:56 STOP TALKING and play KEKW
00:58 What in the World is this APM
01:00 R o P i N g LUL
01:02 I love how pirates stagger multiple times while attacking
01:03 this apm is frustrating even if it wouldn't have mattered maybe lol
01:05 I don't think this gamemode is for you my dude.
01:06 let's just assume that was a loss to feel better about it
01:08 LUL
01:11 holy hell, no wonder your viewer count dropped
01:12 kekw
01:13 oops
01:16 Soooo often man
01:16 wtf?
01:16 Check out Griftlands here https://bit.ly/Trump_GL !
01:19 trump gives me anxiety attacks every time with his boomer speed
01:19 this hurts
01:27 top 8
01:28 my 80 year old grandfather plays twice as fast as you lol
01:29 whoopsy
01:33 i still love you Trump
01:33 you always do that...
01:36 Poor Trump
01:39 top 3 still though
01:39 EZ top3
01:40 still he would lose
01:42 go make a coffee KEKW
01:45 how does that feel?
01:46 get fast you boomer
01:49 How in the hell is he 7k mmr lmao
01:50 the biggest thing you should work on is improving your speed, like for real
01:50 no matter your APM you're a light in a dark world and you make me happy
01:52 Well, still better at this than chess lol
01:55 Still a positive game
01:55 drink more coffee
01:58 we all make mistakes, some just take WAY longer to make them LUL
02:03 Aaaannd I’m gone cant watch his guy anymore
02:09 sad boi
02:12 i think that was the third time you were late on a turn
02:13 Kappa
02:16 trumpHey trumpHey
02:17 Kappa
02:19 ppf
02:21 mechs
02:22 FeelsGoodMan Dig
02:23 mechs
02:24 Eudora
02:24 EDWIN
02:25 MECH
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