Deadlyslob Escape From Tarkov ·
00:01 and people just being able to be walking tanks. ruining the game for me.
00:02 VAL go BRRRR
00:08 @Deadlyslob Eveyrone sleeps on shoreline
00:09 Canted sight m4 go BRRRRR
00:14 Interchange is the only map for me
00:18 gotta be patient on shoreline
00:18 @Deadlyslob best map in the game imo
00:19 The best map IMO
00:21 @zerotheh3ro yeah I was thinking about checking it out so I haven't been talking so much customs shit recently.
00:21 resort is a nightmare
00:21 @carbinejack just ban all hackers and dont sell anymore copies of the game? deadlyLUL
00:24 VOG?
00:25 customs is also turning into that too which is great
00:25 YEET
00:25 wow
00:25 I mean I feel that Labs has just turned into a GL fest where everyone just has a GL and you die from a nade going off 10 miles away from you
00:25 fuck
00:26 def not shoreline no more
00:26 shoreline is probably my favorite map
00:26 LOL
00:26 wowwww man
00:26 F
00:26 scav bo--- oop
00:26 Fkn boreline
00:26 what
00:27 F
00:27 resort is some of the best PVP in the game right now
00:27 BOOM
00:27 VOG'd
00:27 Ooof
00:27 RIP
00:27 f
00:28 rip
00:28 Vog'd
00:28 gg reshala
00:28 bummer
00:28 VOG gamers
00:28 vog champ
00:28 LUL
00:29 damn ceyaa
00:29 F
00:29 F
00:29 f
00:30 vog
00:30 night night
00:30 hahahahaha
00:30 F
00:30 Scavs are fucking DIALED IN
00:31 that was quick
00:31 VOG KEKW
00:31 that VOG
00:31 F
00:31 WTF
00:31 these guys
00:32 VOOGGG
00:32 lol what a nade
00:32 Fuck
00:32 have you ate any cherrys this season @Deadlyslob
00:32 Reshla and bois said hello
00:32 Bastards
00:33 F
00:33 voggers
00:33 voggers!
00:33 vogged
00:34 vog out
00:34 vog gaymer
00:34 scav boooos 😩
00:34 dialed
00:35 it is raining!
00:35 f
00:35 F
00:36 UFF
00:36 kazamGrenade kazamGrenade
00:37 F
00:38 Oh my god LUL
00:38 100% vog
00:38 Big F
00:38 lvndmaVog
00:38 you could buy that sks muzzle adapter and take it in raid. you would probably find compatible devices in raid @Deadlyslob
00:39 yeee
00:39 @knilchiger so there is nothing to complain about then. i like long fights and not always play fast.
00:39 F
00:40 I love Shoreline, it's a map where you can take your time, enjoy, and set up a good ambush when you want a good fight
00:40 resh def
00:42 yep vogged
00:42 rip
00:42 @CarbineJack that's a thought. i get it... but they ain't in it for the love.
00:43 reshala
00:44 Zavodskoy? :)
00:45 @RemoveLimitBreak Just spam the quests with an sks only, even if you die you are levelling up assault rifle and the sks comes back on insurance.
00:45 that fuse time.
00:46 was a vog man super quick explosion
00:46 blew his fakken ankles of brah
00:47 scav boss
00:47 Damn. Right at the feet
00:48 Shoulda legged it
00:48 It was his boys atleast
00:49 Vog Damnit
00:49 scav gallop
00:50 saw one yesterday
00:51 pestilyNade pestilyNade pestilyNade
00:52 LUL
00:52 10$ it is
00:53 ye did you hear all those footsteps at once KEKW
00:55 Yep
00:56 was the boys
00:57 I didn't know that was a new spawn for them
00:57 yep
00:58 vog
00:59 rip
01:00 wow
01:02 Shame
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