Claymore_Plays Escape From Tarkov ·
00:11 @Xavierxfx You won't give me the name of where u work
00:12 lol
00:14 But its not @Xavierxfx servers are NOT as simple as that
00:15 not test between your 20 workers and release :P
00:21 Xavierf just self entitled tbh
00:23 Kappa
00:23 this isnt hard man
00:30 stfu Xavier lmao
00:31 @Xavierxfx i bet my left nut that you work in a supermarket
00:32 i played today Waited 15 min in matching LUL
00:33 has a 5 man minecraft server
00:34 Yo this guy litterly just dosen't tell me the name
00:34 Why would they double there server count to have test servers LUL
00:42 @ClaymoreTTV people blurt out shit that's on their mind it doesnt mean that everything they say is logical just chill
00:45 @NakedBTW stop
00:47 He dosen't know shit that he says
00:49 since shroud and summit started playing again they had no idea how many people were going to jump in
00:51 he dosen't have no experience
00:51 bet u use the fuckin hunter xavier shut ur asshole
01:00 Just stop giving him the attention he wants LUL
01:09 why're you all so mean to him lol
01:09 I bet he doesnt even have experience LUL
01:23 @ClaymoreTTV not you, the comments
01:29 I do agree that they should have a test enviroment at some point to test patches before they go live
01:34 the tone doesnt seems polite tbh
01:39 I think if anything. BSG should of organized a QUEUE system ahead of time. Like they tried to implement one mid launch of 0.12 for like an hour and than removed it from the launcher. That's the thing that Blizzard did pretty well because at least with their Queue system you could actually be guaranteed a slightly stable playing experience when you actually get into the game. Though once again, BSG is a baby compared to Blizzard who has multiple branches who they can unload some problems on..
01:39 Fight me the lot of ya you fuckin wont Kappa
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