DrLupo Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare ·
00:00 multi
00:02 Every Kill you get you have to donate $1 to #TeamTrees
00:05 I don’t like how this game is about camping but I still bought it lol
00:06 wait...the drops are actívates with drlupo?
00:07 killer07770 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 9 month streak! Love your stream.
00:16 How come his hud isn’t showing
00:16 salty bois in chat lol
00:18 @krol430 60 sprays and 55 emblems now wtf
00:19 @krissyickie I usually run an AR/Sniper combo for that map and the one with the yellow bridge in the middle
00:21 "I'm not trying to talk shit, spends time talking shit in chat"
00:24 I’m not talking shit I’m just saying hahahag
00:27 camper KEKW
00:29 Lupo let's sketit
00:29 camper omegalul
00:29 @DrLupo they must have changed something because last I played realism, I had no sound for kills whatsoever. Pant...
00:30 !drops @dark_1005
00:31 Lupo I plan on buying your mouse and keyboard for my first PC. So stoked!
00:31 Camper ass sniper bitch @drlupo Kappa
00:32 well he didn't run in sayin "Eat Pant" @DrLupo
00:32 if u caint camping u aint coding.... facts
00:33 oh HI guys I'm back
00:34 Every Kill you get you have to donate $1 to #TeamTrees
00:34 Camper omegalul
00:35 LUL sniper camping
00:36 Camper OMEGALUL
00:36 Camper OMEGALUL
00:37 camper OMEGALUL KEKW
00:38 Camper OMEGALUL
00:40 Eating any pant yet today? @DrLupo
00:40 if you call someone a camper, you probably are that bot who runs down the same alley over and over again getting picked off by the same people waiting for your stupid ass
00:40 What’s good chat
00:40 That last match was in tents
00:42 cAmPer OmeGalul
00:47 Lmao
00:48 Even if someone does camp, it's part of the game. If you know where someone is camping, flank them, outshoot them, nade them out, etc. There's ways around it
00:49 50!!!
00:51 I don't always accuse people of camping but when I do - I make sure it's the guys who aren't!
00:54 Realism is essentially hardcore yeah?
00:57 Did he link his twitch for rewards?/.
00:58 Damn it little jimmy
00:58 @blue_haze9806 I run with a AR/Sniper combo on every map, just in case. You never know haha
00:59 You should play rainbow 6
01:05 ❤️🤟🏻
01:06 that's called sniping
01:08 Camping in CoD is the equivalent of cranking 90s in fortnite
01:08 hitherdolphin subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 12 months! when are we going for our anniversary dinner?
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